Stellar Sees Positive Gains as Markets

It seems like the weekend lows were discovered and cryptocurrency markets are performing barely over the set lows as of now. No evident sign of a full comeback has been present as the total market cap has slowly climbed marginally over the last 24 hours. As of now, BTC has held itself at the $6.4K support and climbed around 2 percent, dragging the price to $6.48K, however, ETH is continuing its poor performance at yearly low of 2018 so far, valued at around $320.

Alternative Coins

Most alternative coins are performing positively as of now, making minor comebacks from their previous and massive dumps during the weekend. Again, Stellar is displaying the most positive gains during the market comebacks. As CMC has revealed, XLM has climbed up seven percent on the day to around $0.238 and has managed to hold its own among the difficulties other coins have been facing.

Stellar has managed to grab back all its losses made over the week and currently trading just a bit over the same level it held on Monday of the previous week. On a monthly basis, the coin has climbed around 30 percent against Bitcoin up to 3740 Satoshis. More alternative coins from the leading 10 are making minor gains on the day. IOTA and Nem, two altcoins have also gained some of their value back although the rest of the altcoins are currently at flat levels of performance.

Tezos has plummeted in value again, taking a nine percent drop on the day and valued at $1.44 at the trading price. OminseGO is suffering as well, including Decred and Zilliga presenting additional losses today. Among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, Peercoin has taken the biggest step and presenting a 34 percent pump. Dentacoin and Aelf have managed to make double-digit comebacks. On the losing side, Maidsafecoin has dropped equally like Tezos, taking a nine percent hit of its own.

The total market cap has climbed around 1.8 percent, currently up to around $219B. On a weekly scale, it has dropped a heavy 14 percent to its lowest this year of $207B on the 11th of August. Trading volume has climbed from $12B to $17B and BTC’s dominance on the market is consistently climbed, currently making up for 51 percent of the entire crypto market.

2 years ago

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