Status Collaborates with Nim Development Team

A new partnership between Status and Nim has been sealed on the 7th of August. During last week, Status published a post discussing Nimbus, a research project involving a sharding client introduced by Nim for Ethereum. The announcement was made by Andreas Rumpf, Nim’s team leader and the new collaboration is meant to provide needed backing for further research into sharding as well as advertising continuous development of the core public language as the founding platform for Status and its operations.


As Nim continues advancing, acquiring the proper documentation and sturdiness, research and development conducted by Status will be more precise and beneficial. The team leader and his colleagues have displayed great expectations regarding the future of programming language and Status have dedicated itself to aiding Nim in the required research, development and more. The decision to work with Nim comes due to the fact that the language is considered light and perfectly suitable for the new client.

This grants a better understanding and educational acquisition by Status in regards to Ethereum and will draw in specialized developers with intricate expertise and dedication to the features offered through the advanced programming language. In addition, Andreas Rumpf has full confidence in his team, stating that Nim began development only two years ago and since then, it has been able to undergo a process called BootStrapping, one where a program is able to assemble itself.

Nim has seen several uses since its launch. To best describe the programming language, it consists of the top features among three other languages including C, Python, and Lisp. By combining the strongest aspects of each of these languages into one, Nim becomes as efficient in speed as C, easily readable and displayed like Python and extensive like Lisp. Combined, this sets Nim on a higher pedestal in terms of efficiency.

Following the long-term plans set in motion for Nim through its new partnership, the language’s team has created several milestones for themselves on a roadmap which promises great advancements for Nim in the next few years. The 1.0.0 update is a result of a long-term dedication to a solid language maintaining backward compatibility, the ability to revert to a previous version, for many years. Prior to the updates installation, several developments are still required and will be publically detailed later on.

The release date of this new upgrade has yet to confirm a strict deadline for release although several key points in advancement have been highlighted to handle any potential problems prior to the update.

2 years ago

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