StartEngine Announces Bitcoin Payment Acceptance

In an announcement by StartEngine to the press, as of now, the company is the funding portal registered with the SEC and FINRA that has begun accepting Bitcoin as a method of pay. Prime Trust, a top tech-trust company, is partnering with StartEngine to launch the new Bitcoin payment option.


All fiat will be insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and all accounts will have their assets insured for a sum of five million USD each. The startup has announced its acceptance of Bitcoin on its operating platform in 2018 through direct conversion of any crypto-payments directly towards StartEngine and completely avoid the process of crypto-to-fiat first.

Users may also invest with Bitcoin on any other company registered with the network that accepts Bitcoin and digital currency pay. In 2017, the company launched its ICO with a registration exemption provided by the securities regulations.

The company’s chief executive and co-found, Howard Marks, said that as regulated initial coin offerings began launching on StartEngine last year, a clear and evident need for more cryptocurrencies was required by investors and companies alike. As entrepreneurs and investors now have access to Bitcoin payment methods, the company aims at creating a more user-friendly and simple platform for both parties. Referring to the partnership with Prime Trust, he said that StartEngine is the only authorized company to accept Bitcoin payments as securities.


At this point, more than 150 companies have utilized the platform to raise funds and launch initial coin offerings such as tZERO’s ICO which is one of the most successful and profitable so far.

Apart from initial coin offerings, StartEngine will provide other investment opportunities, mainly traditional ones, for any company looking to gather funds of around $50M. The platform plays house to more than one hundred registered companies involved in many developmental fields such as energy and healthcare.

2 years ago

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