Standoff Between Over 150 Teams to Create Superb NEO App

One hundred and sixty teams aim to win a friendly race to create the most powerful NEO blockchain app. The amicable competition.



The standoff is for four months where the teams will compete to create the most compelling and interactive game that can draw worldwide demand. The standoff has been initiated because games have been an effective part of encouraging the use of technology for so long.

Last year, Ethereum found out that an attractive game can accomplish a great deal when the CryptoKitties game outpoured the market and drowned their network. Neo Game has announced that it has invested over 500K USD worth of NEO’s currency (GAS) into the competition.

The Major Rules of the Competition


There are three major rules to the competition:

1. A Smart contract can be utilized to manage gaming resources on the app such as characters, pets, or any gaming props.

2. A Smart contract is utilized to keep track of Gaming information on the app such as ranking boards, game scores or results.

3. A Smart contract is utilized on the app to publicize gaming designs that ensure gamers are competing fairly.


The standoff was organized by a development group in China called NewEconoLab. NewEconoLab was co-founded by NEO’s main developer Li Jianying.

At the end of the race, August 15th, the organizers will present the teams that win with awards.

2 years ago

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