Back Launches New Betting Bot, the state-of-the-art sports wagering platform operating through bitcoin, has recently released their new Telegram bot designed to simplify betting and promote wagering for all its users.

Telegram Bot

The new bot introduces a wide array of simplified features for newcomers and veterans. Bets are now effortless through its messenger application and are available in several languages from English to Chinese to Russian and more as a means of expanding its reach even farther. Despite the consistent access to the internet in many places around the globe, many countries are still exposed to severe internet issues.

The platforms development team designed and launched the wager placing bot in order to aid users from all around the world, even those with inconsistent online access, experience sports betting no matter where they are. As of now, users may only place wagers on current FIFA events taking place, although other sports will be added.

Gabriel Kolawole, the developer of the Telegram betting bot, stated that aims to achieve 20,000 Bitcoin bets during the World Cup, footballs biggest event. As of now, the World Cup has contributed to nine thousand Bitcoins gained. He went on to explain the purpose of the platform, stating that it was wholly-focused on providing the best possible service for all its users. 


The betting platforms bookkeeping head executive explained that given Telegrams popularity as an instant-messaging application, one that is especially well-established among countless members of the crypto-community, designed the bot with Telegram in mind, explaining that the betting platform needed to be involved in a scene where many crypto-contributors were.

As a leading figure in the crypt-gaming industry and launched in 2016, is a result of the Coingaming Group and is integrated into several markets involved with sports-related betting. This includes e-sports, an industry of its own with an exception rise in popularity over the last few years.

2 years ago

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