Spanish Authorities Urge Implementation of Blockchain Tech for Government Use

A proposal by the Popular party last week was submitted by 133 members suggested that Spain’s government should implement the use of blockchain technology to more efficiently administer government policies throughout the country.



Per the report, members of the Deputy Congress suggested that blockchain technology can provide the government with stronger processing, clear imposing of any decisions made by officials, and a stronger operational efficiency overall.


Furthermore, the proposal states that the technology will provide the government with easier concessions regarding its administration as well as any governmental processes, both internally and contractually. The proposal also mentions that more revenue will be achieved through more open exchange rights concerning several departments like tourism and logistics.



Authorities also highly recommended the construction of blockchains, both private and public, to appeal to those who prefer dealing in alternative markets in hopes of increasing production and lowering costs, as well as creating a better environment for those seeking employment in specialized sectors.

Training blockchain developers was also encourages to maximize efficiency and innovation.


While many key aspects were noted in the proposal, no set date or plans have been made towards the actual implementation of the recommendations. 

2 years ago

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