Spain’s Ministry Rolls Out Initiative To Deploy Blockchain in Forestry Sector

The project is being funded by the Forestry Ministry and will be carried out by collaborators from different areas. 


Spain to Use Blockchain For Tracking Forestry Sector

The adoption of the blockchain technology in different sectors is now becoming a reality. In Spain, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is planning to integrate the blockchain network to advance the forestry sector. The details are contained in local media reports.

The agency has deployed Chainwood for the initiative. It seeks to enhance smooth operations and traceability of wood distribution within the country. The open ledger technology will be used for logistics in the industry.

ChainWood is made up of eight collaborators drawn from numerous jurisdictions in the European nation. The group came into operations after being funded by the ministry and a number of agencies with interests in the forestry sector.  It has 93,350 euros in subsidy.

ChainWood has already begun meetings for the initiative. The sessions are taking place in the capital and Santiago. Under the project, they seek to set up a software anchored in the cloud. It will be aimed towards setting up systems that will enhance accountability within the forestry sector. Some of the areas to be touched are setting up of biomass solid wood, and cellulose paste. The blockchain network will be used to store data and enable machine learning.

Upon completion of the project, ChainWood will conduct a number of tests in some regions of Spain. The oak tree has been identified to be used in the pilot stage.

Spain’s Blockchain Future

Last month, the Sichuan region in China inked a partnership with a new firm Hangzhou Yi Shu Blockchain Technology. The goal of the partnership was to propel growth and poverty elimination.

Spain seems to be on course for massive blockchain systems. Recently, the government of Catalunya revealed that it had launched plans to support the blockchain network. In general, the plan was meant to improve public service provision.

2 years ago

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