Sony Patents Suggest New Mining Device Development

Tech-leading company Sony has two new patents aimed at hardware solutions in regards to maintaining and operating blockchains as per recent publications. The first patent revolves around maintaining a blockchain with electric nodes and other methods while the second patent has been titled “Device and System.”. This points out that Sony is currently operating and developing new blockchain hardware products and may possible integrate the new hardware into any of their upcoming products.



Previously, Sony had already handed in patents directly focused on blockchain’s applications and use cases, informative data and security. As per the first submission, two key factors are involved which is a hardware node and a means of sustaining and holding the blockchain described as mining. One possible version of the device shows that these hardware nodes would function similarly to Bitcoin’s network.

The application states that a DL could be a blockchain and founded on the same fundamentals as BTC’s distributed ledger. It utilizes cryptocurrency mining and PoW solutions and may possibly present a reward system in currency form. Additionally, the ledger may introduce a consensus connecting all nodes to ensure that each one of them has a consensus of their own on the ledger.

This in no way entails that Sony will be creating and distributing their own token. Instead, it seems like the company is keeping an open mind to the idea through the new patents suggesting that the company’s new devices may possibly serve just that notion. The other patent sees the company tackle the associated risks with any blockchain that has a few select nodes.

Due to the fact that just a limited number of devices are connecting and holding the blockchain, security concerns rise in return. Sony has suggested that increasing the amount of connected and contributing nodes virtually would exceed the number of connected devices by thousands to provide optimal performance and enhanced security.

Both patents filed seem to focus more on devices and use cases of each as opposed to what type of blockchain. Sony pointed to a possibility of either type, whether open or closed and may fall back on the Sony’s software of through others like Hadoop.

2 years ago

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