Sony Creates Rights Management Network on Blockchain

Japanese tech giant Sony recently created a BC-based virtual rights management network that might become available commercially.

As stated by the company on Monday, their new system can help to handle to various copyright info for virtual content, or more significantly, educational content. The company said that with its new system, the process of inputting and maintaining copyright data can be efficient and reduce manual work.

The platform allows users to share information such as creation date, time, and author. It also provides verification of any piece added to the network.

Virtual content like electronic books, videos, VR and the like will also be supported by Sony’s new system. The company is currently considering offering the product commercially.


The Japanese tech company is often the source of technological innovation, and now they have begun making strides in BC tech.

A month prior, a report compiled by iPR Daily found that Sony is within BC-tech’s top thirty companies with around twenty patent applications.

According to a report last spring, one of Sony’s US patents details an idea that would allow for the storing of digital rights via the BC. In addition, the corporation applied to patent inventions in data and education, indicating the direction they are taking their innovations.

2 years ago

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