Song Harshly Criticises Crypto Projects in Recent Interview

During an interview conducted by Crypto Insider, educator and renowned BTC developer, Jimmy Song, discussed various crypto-based projects and technologies currently underway. In Song’s opinion, blockchain tech has rapidly evolved, and although he is known for his optimism for the realm of development within the crypto sector, Song took the opportunity to represent his true and somewhat harsh opinions regarding certain projects at hand.  


Song Supports Liquid Network as a Great Step for the Future of Side Chains

Song started off the interview giving praise to Liquid Network’s developmental process. The project aims to implement a side chain as part of Bitcoin’s blockchain platform. In song’s opinion, this initiative is an important move for the crypto sphere’s future. He explained that the project will help facilitate a deeper level to the network and help promote commerciality. As an avid supporter of competition and innovation, Song strongly supports Liquid Network’s attempt to impact the industry. He hopes that it will boost liquidity and create a leveled playing field for prices in the network and is excited to see where things go.  

Song States EOS is a Scam Expected to Crash Within Five Years

The interview continued to discuss what Song would advise those looking to pursue a career in blockchain development. He was also asked about his experience working directly with Bitcoin rather than other developing chains such as EOS. Song’s response was rather harsh and critical of the EOS project, describing it as a scam and advising developers not to bother working on it.

Song stated that he believes the EOS project will soon terminate within a timeframe of five years. He also suggests steering clear from working on the project as it is a scam ICO and will not be a positive addition to anyone’s resume.

Bitcoin Cash and Ether Described as a Worthless Addition to the Crypto Ecosystem

Song had a similar response when asked about projects such as Bcash, stating that it ultimately has no purpose to exist and suggested all viewers take the time to read his article entitled Bitcoin Cash is Fiat Money. He explained that he outlines a fully comprehensive view of his opinion of the project and why he believes it presents no true value to the crypto community. He also criticized the Ether network stating it has suffered a poor developmental process. He believes the Ethereum platform fosters scam activity which will likely result in their inevitable end. Song explained that he doesn't believe the technology it operates on is not interesting and tend to fall on the amateur side.  

A final discussion of Roger Ver, promoter of Bitcoin Cash, revealed that Song believes his demeanor is manipulative and chooses to enter attack mode when lacks the proper argument to represent his ideas. Song stressed that Ver behaves more like a politician and does not look to help the world or discuss innovative solutions despite the great steps he's taken for Bitcoin so far.

2 years ago

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