Software Security Provider Guardtime Develops a New Election Solution

Guardtime has shaken hands with SICPA of Switzerland to create a new security solution for US elections, utilizing blockchain to ensure tamper-proof votes and protect voters. Guardtime’s head executive, Martin Ruubel stated that every vote counts and for an election to proceed truthfully, ensuring correct registration of votes handed is a must.

The Solution

Ruubel added that both companies collaborated to develop enhanced cybersecurity as a solution specifically created to cater to elections within the United States. The system will be introduced into the voting system, as well as registering any votes submitted while maintaining tamper-proof data. Additionally, any malicious attempts at altering vote data will be identified. As of now, the system will be introduced into the US government, although he states that the solution needs to expand even further.

Since US citizens that have reached an age of voting, it does not automatically register them to rolls as opposed to Estonia. Since American voters must register themselves in order to vote, it leaves an opening for unreliable data and the new solution is meant to provide secure, accurate and quick data.

During the presidential elections in 2016, the US had installed several voting machines throughout various states as a means of e-voting. Guardtime developed a new solution under the name of KSI, technology created to spot any malicious use of digital data as well as usage in general. Keyless Signature Infrastructure, or KSI, will provide a secure way of validating and protecting votes by instantly identifying any alteration in data and the one behind it, with this applying immediately for bigger sets of data.

The Developers

Guardtime, a company launched and located in Estonia, continuously creating and designing new anti-tamper proof solutions which spot out any changes in data as well as smart devices and how they’re used. For its efforts and developments, Guardtime is adamant about providing solid and robust solutions for the economy.

Several electronic services within Estonia have already adopted the company’s technology and merged them with their services. Among these companies at the Stare Gazette, the LRCR and more. Additional collaborations include the United States military and Ericsson, a tech company.

The company that partnered up with Guardtime to develop their protective solutions, SICPA, also develops cybersecurity and defensive tech and has provided a few solutions to valid currency and ensure its authenticity, fake identification and more.

2 years ago

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