‘Slowly and steadily is how the Bitcoin will approach the $10,000 level,’ states Genesis Capital CEO

Early this week a CNBC reporter talked with Michael Moro, the CEO of Genesis Capital, a financial institution that focuses on investors and traders. In the meeting, Moro discussed the value of Bitcoin breaking out of $7,000, the factors that facilitated the cryptocoin to increase sharply, the sell-off levels in the marketplace and other topics concerning the BTC.

A week ago, the digital currency industry received the decision by the US Securities and Trade Commission [SEC] dismissing nine BTC Exchange Traded Funds. The CEO expressed that this dismissal did not provoked a high sell off level over the trades and low loaning movement was observed by our firm. He included:

"Immediately the announcement was made that SEC has dismissed the BTC ETFs, the value really held, we did not experience a substantial number of investors selling their Bitcoins, that usually occurs in the past dismissals and the value remained between $5,800 and $5,900. I believe this is because the bears have run out of energy. At that moment, we even observed on exchanges at the $6,000 mark due to the low number of sellers.”

Moro speculates that the Bitcoin is heading for the $10, 000 mark. The crypto professional also stated that the factors driving the bitcoin upwards will be moderate and calm. He predicted that the value will act gently, with small ripples of 5 to 10%.

Moro trusts that the market desires for SEC to favor the ETF have diminished, in this way quieting the market opinion and giving a general more beneficial viewpoint of the BTC for the rest of the year.  

He also talked about the ongoing pattern of Bitcoin’s buyers and sellers. Especially, where the seller offers to vend all his cryptos immediately the value shoots. For example, the individuals who purchased at $6,000 over the most recent two weeks are ones retailing in the past 24 hours. As indicated by Moro:

"The inquiry is are the Bulls staying put. We haven't generally observed the solid purchases approaching, despite the fact that some selling has occurred in the most recent 24 hours. So I think the main query is the BTC heading downwards to the $6,000 mark, since speculators are waiting to see if the $7,000 holds up and after that observe where it heads from there."

He rounded up his remarks by suggesting that the exchange will see an improvement if the BTC can maintain its level of $7,150 for the following week.

2 years ago

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