SIX Group Open to Possible Crypto Trade Its Exchange

Launching next year, SIX Group’s new platform will possibly allow customers and investors to trade in cryptocurrencies. In an interview, the exchange explained that it making room for a possibly of digital currency trading services.


The Swiss exchange, responsible for the largest stock market in Switzerland, has revealed the pending launch of a new platform designed to facilitate cryptocurrency trading under complete regulations by authorities. The platform is planned to go public in 2019 and will provide countless features like advising ICO’s that have yet been deemed as securities.

Stephan Meier, the group’s representative, explained that cryptocurrencies and their entire environment are desperately requiring clear guidelines and regulation. Further adding, he said that companies and individuals involved in the digital economy will benefit greatly from additions like that.

The spokesman explained that the company has discussed which products will up available on the new platform, including that no decision regarding the trading of cryptocurrencies has been made just yet. According to him, any cryptocurrency added to the platform will be required to complete due diligence prior to its addition. As he spoke, he said SIX Group aims at creating a solid connection between the crypto-environment and everyday banking services. The company has been collaborating with regulators to determine where and what needs ideal regulations to ensure legality.

Switzerland was also ranked second in terms of attractive locations for initial coin offerings and their financial raising.

2 years ago

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