Sirin Labs’ Announces Dual-Screen Blockchain Phone

After dual-screen phones performed negatively on the market due to low sales and a general disinterest by the community, many scrapped the concept overall. The Kyocera Group previously released the Kyocera Echo, also a dual-screen featuring phone failed miserably after its launch and was unable to perform as expected on the market.




The latest product from Sirin Labs’ is a phone powered by blockchain technology and holds a dual-screen feature. The company firmly believes its new phone will bring back the previously unsuccessful venture and provide a new-found interest in dual-screen mobiles.


The company’s Chief Marketing Officer stated that two issues surrounding cryptocurrencies and their large-scale market operations. According to Nimrod May, users are being redirected into methods of managing their own assets without direct bank interference. The other issue facing the market is user interaction with new products. While cryptocurrency research and study has made incredible advancements in just a short period, lesser informed individuals are still having trouble when dealing with digital currencies.


Sirin Labs’ new phone aims to introduce a new phone into the market to change how an average user interacts with crypto. The phone, Finney, will be cost-efficient and much more user-friendly due to its OS design, created to ease a user’s cryptocurrency experience while providing the necessary security measures. As a new defensive measure to protect user assets, the dual-screen feature is designed to ensure more privacy for its owner. One screen will remain blank until touched by the authorized user, verifying ID through fingerprints to keep private information hidden in public.




Unlike Finney, Edge further complicates access to its security wallet by requesting passwords and a double confirmation check before revealing a user’s personal information. The wallet’s confirmation message after a password has been entered has proven to slightly intimidate users as part of the excessive security measures designed into the wallet.


While Sirin Labs’ is not particularly a phone-focused company, the Finney dual-screen feature was designed to ensure as much protection as possible for each owner, as criminal activity surrounding crypto has skyrocketed within just one year.

2 years ago

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