Seller of NY Mansion Worth $16M Ready to Accept BTC

Roy Niederhoffer wants to sell his NY mansion- and he just announced that he is proud to accept BTC as payment. Niederhoffer, the founder and current president of a local hedge fund in NY, is willing to receive the digital currency for his $16 million house. He came to be the owner of the luxury property five years ago when he was looking for temporary residence in the area until he completed the renovations he had  planned on a NY property he had acquired prior to the purchase.


Niederhoffer explains that he planned to rent a place with his family, but he decided to purchase this house after having been a fan of the property for years. The mansion has three units and they were sold to him for $12.9 million at the time of purchase.

Now, he has finished his reconstruction project and aims to sell it. The beautiful building stands at 10,720 ft2, and will be available through a real estate agency called Douglas Elliman. Cathy Taub of International Realty along with Nicole Kats from Vandenberg will be assisting him in the sale. It will be sold for a value of $15.9 million or its BTC equivalent.

A Love of Bitcoin

Niederhoffer has shown his appreciation for the digital currency and said that he believes in it completely. He is looking forward to owning more of the cryptocurrency. He is even offering to pay the bitcoin buyer’s fees regarding any deal costs in fiat. He will cover the fees that may be incurred, no matter the cost, and save the bitcoins obtained from it.

An architect named Clarence True designed the manor, which overlooks the Hudson River, during the 1800s.

In 2017, a structure was sold for the first time using BTC in Texas. The house that was purchased is located in Austin, and Kuper Sotheby’s real estate company handled that sale.

2 years ago

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