Segregated Witness Redefines Bitcoin as a Concept

Bitcoins, by definition, are a series of digital signatures often referred to as Blockchains. According to studies by Dr.Rizun, SegWit, or Segregated Witness is what occurs when expanding the size of a blockchain by eliminating user data from any transactions on the platform.

By removing blocks from a chain, a key integrity begins within the structure. Bitcoin consists of many kinds of information. Among them, and a vital part of information are signatures which provide proof that any transaction of the coin has gone as planned.


Stored Bitcoins cannot be accessed by any malicious attempt at faking a signature to acquire access, which is an added benefit to the safety of crypto assets via storage. One of the biggest issues with cryptocurrencies is the consistent risk of theft or outright disappearance. The difference in Bitcoins framework is the requirement for a signature with every transaction as well as recording the exchange on the network, which provides even more security to users.


Bitcoins cannot be removed or stolen without a user’s secret number, or “private keys”, which is why faking a signature is incredibly taxing and is a clear giveaway should a theft occur. By reviewing the signature of the framework, users can identify the illicit transaction. This check is embedded in Bitcoins model to provide complete protection.


Block Removal


According to Dr.Rizun, Segwit changes the entire structure of a Bitcoin. As he explains, transaction signatures are a key component of Bitcoins blockchain and complete the model. Without all signatures intact, the chain itself will collapse. This differs from Segregated Witness coins due to the fact that all signatures are not within the framework and are not even required to identify the model's chain of custody.


Even though signature data is in fact part of SegWit, it removes an otherwise important integrity check from the structure. Since signatures have no reason to be included within any transaction in SegWit, it eliminates the need to check for them after a transaction is complete.


Restructuring A Framework With Segregated Witness


Hash values are embedded into each block of SegWit’s framework and account for a number of witness data or transaction signature. Unlike Bitcoin, signatures do not necessarily display any connection between one transaction and the other, which is why crypto miners must check each individual block to ensure the validity of a transaction.

SegWit’s elimination of integrity checks within its system requires that miners fully commit to ensuring each transaction is safe and processed as planned. Even though many back up the reliability of SegWit, and claiming that only a fifty-one percent strike to the framework would bring it down, the system itself may prove to be unreliable.


Missing Assets


To prove that coins have been misplaced or stolen on Bitcoin, users can simply look at the blockchain log to identify the transaction signature as evidence.


As discussed previously, since SegWit’s framework does not require connected signatures to maintain its structure, users can claim that any signature is evidence of an unauthorized transaction, although it may prove to be pointless given the fact that SegWit’s model will not break if a signature is missing.


Security Concerns


Bitcoin has never experienced unauthorized witness data due to the fact that any malicious transaction is recorded and identifiable. If, for any reason, a crypto miner can’t include all the required signatures in a block, other miners accepting it would not receive all the witness data which could potentially affect the importance of signatures.


Many factors concerning the lifespan of SegWit could come into play. Governmental influence on mining farms could allow confiscation of funds without requiring any witness data. As any likely scenario is possible due to the lack of automatic integrity checks, SegWit could potentially cease to function at any given point.


To this day, SigWit has shown no signs of a lack of function or any other issues. Although integrated checks have no place on the platform, signatures remain intact and miners continue to thoroughly validate each witness data with every transaction. Granted Bitcoin has a stronger defensive method, SegWit has yet to see any actual threats to its framework. SegWit also continues to see support from many of its users, swearing by its framework.

2 years ago

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