A Security Officer was Accused by France for Vending Nation’s Privies for BTC

A Security agent in France was incarcerated the past week on accusations of vending nation’s privies on the dark web to receive BTC as the reward, neighborhood press stated on Friday.


An anonymous representative with the DGSI was prosecuted last Wed. and held in detention two days afterwards on allegations of selling financial data and probably faking governmental documents, as per Le Parisien.

The officer had been collaborating with associates of a well-thought-out misdemeanor faction, plus experts in monetary matters, consistent with the statement. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem that the culprit has cooperated with any radical groupings.

Fellows of the Central Directorate of Judicial Police, a different felony-prevention entity in the nation, initially exposed the slips, in keeping with the reports agency.

Members of the DGSI then employed the agent's individual cipher to trace his web doings.

Purposely, the organization's in-house safety service trailed

 "the source of record queries"

 throughout the inquiry.

Le Monde additionally detailed that following the agent's apprehension, the outfit responsible for keeping an eye on "abnormal resettlement," destroyed the unlawful set of connections with which the culprit was in cohorts with.

It is indistinct how much data was put up for sale or the amount the agent made in BTC. If jailed, the officer will get an imprisonment of 7 years plus a possible penalty of 100,000 euro.

2 years ago

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