Security Agent In Custody For Trading French State Secrets In Exchange For Bitcoin

The crime might portray bitcoin in a bad light as it strives for mainstream adoption.


Agent Uses Dark Web To Sell Secrets In Exchange For Bitcoins

It has emerged that a security agent has been selling the French government’s secrets through the dark web. The official from GDIS is allegedly selling the information on the country’s special operations and secrets within government hierarchy. He is believed to be exchanging the information for bitcoin.

Questions are still rife in regards to the exchange’s impact on bitcoin adoption. However, buyers might be getting value for their coins.

By press time, the agent was behind custody after trying to retrieve official government data without authority. At the moment, it remains unclear how much bitcoin the agent had accumulated by the time of his arrest. He will be facing charges of attacking government’s privacy.

Media reports indicate that the agent was discovered by the French Judicial Police. Following the discovery, GDIS officials were alerted from where investigations were launched.  The agent was arrested after tracking of his individual code. Every member of the agency has a personal code that can be used to track computer activity. Before logging into any system, the agents are required to key in their special code.

The Other Side of The Coin

This is another case involving bitcoin crime once again.  Some experts argue that bitcoin might be responsible for this case, however, this is a wrong notion. The reality of the matter is that the agent only decided to trade secrets for bitcoin hence tarnishing bitcoin’s name is not appropriate. Bitcoin played a role that can also be performed by any traditional currency.

The media should be blamed for this case. The media has been citing crime under bitcoin as the reason to undermine the mainstream adoption of cryptos in general.The negative perception that is slowing the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies. In the end, bitcoin investors are perceived shady due to the negative news constantly highlighted in the press.

The challenge should be centred around highlighting to the French authorities that bitcoin is not the issue. The problem arises from the government structures. Bitcoin did not have any role in the execution of the crime.

2 years ago

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