SEC Data Reveals Continuous Increase in Token Sales

Whether regulations are certain or not, new research from the SEC points to increased filings in regards to token sales. The SEC has scoped through data collected throughout June which revealed that previous filings in August of the last year soared to an all-time high, totaling at almost one hundred filings since last year alone.

Steady Increase

CoinDesk studied a number of the filings submitted concerning the sale of SAFT’s, which are agreements for the transfer of digital currencies in the future. The SAFT network was designed on the back of SAFE, or Simple Agreements For Future Equity, a monetary design with the purpose of ensuring that promised assets will be delivered at a set date.

By reviewing the information collected, the SEC concluded that the United States was responsible for most of the funding provided, with Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom following behind.


Among the many sought-after areas which continue drawing in startups, Delaware was responsible for a majority of the filings submitted, while other’s popular locations like Bermuda have been actively trying to attract more businesses and startups.

Despite precise observations by the SEC into the SAFT framework, the consistent rise in filings continues as CoinDesk stated that the SEC is indeed focused on SAFT. Predictions for the rest of 2018 have yet to be made, although recent talks by the SEC are pointing towards a more promising future related to filings.

Jay Clayton of the SEC said that those looking to sell their digital currencies should look towards the SEC, while officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission clarified that Bitcoin and Ethereum have not proven to be security risks

2 years ago

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