Scammers Create Bitcoin Stealing Malware Targeting Fornite Gamers

Apart from stealing bitcoins, the malware can steal more personal data which is relayed to a location in the Russian Federation.

Fornite Season Six Alerted Over Bitcoin Stealing Malware

A bitcoin stealing bug has been created targetting Fortnite video game. The malware was created after the game’s sixth season was rolled out. The malware operates in the pretext of a cheat code. The malware was discovered by Malwarebytes Labs.

The bug has the potential of stealing personal data and bitcoins from Fortnite users. The bug discovery was confirmed by Christopher Boyd, a top malware intelligence expert. The lab discovered the malicious software in Youtube videos that claimed to provide free season permits. Additionally, the videos provided free games version for Android devices.

Malwarebytes had to take a number of steps before the malware was discovered.  Users had to subscribe to the YouTube channel, they are then urged to visit a different website where they take a survey and end up downloading the malware.

How The Malware Operates To Steal Bitcoin

One of the videos has managed to garner over 120, 000 views before being pulled down from YouTube due to the violation of the spam guidelines. In a blog post Boyd said that the technique of presenting malware as a cheat code is not new. He pointed out that it can lead to huge damages.

Once the malware has been downloaded, the .exe file then runs on the relevant system, it highlights data of the computer. The data is then relayed by means of a POST command to a store located in Russia.

Through the malware, a  lot of data can be lost. The software looks at a user’s bitcoin store, steam periods, cookies and browser history. It also comes with an advert that notifies users that they can buy more Fortnite scams for $80 bitcoin.

For gamers intending to cheat on Firtnite, Boyd has said they should be careful when looking at offers available online. He said that techniques is outdated but it is still being used. He said that in the end cheaters will be the ones to suffer. Boyd advised gamers to win the right way and not take risks in the name of cheating

2 years ago

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