SBI Holdings Lifts Max Age Limit for Accounts

The Ripple community was thrilled after SBI Holdings announced the anticipated launch of VCTRADE on the 17th of July, revealed open registration for new accounts to those that couldn’t take part of its pre-registration in 2017. The event itself was incredibly important for Ripple since the holdings company has been developing plans for connecting the token to the attention of cryptocurrency trading throughout the planet.

Upper Age

What many of the excited investors and traders did not know what that registering for new accounts was only made possible for those between 20 to 70 years old living in Japan. The announcement on the 17th said that account registration would only be available for those between the decided ages and no corporate applications will be approved.

Since then, the company has changed its maximum age policy and account registration now has no upper age limit, open to any resident over the age of 70. The company announced this on the 9th of August, stating that the restriction has been lifted and registration is open to all as per the demand by customers.

The new policy change can be attributed to the idea that cryptocurrency activities are not centered to a younger age group and that individuals of all ages possess an equal chance at participation, as opposed to retiring, it seems like cryptocurrencies have attracted senior residents and interested individuals, proving that crypto has no age limit.

This also provides a better opportunity for VCTRADE due to the fact that more than 25 percent of residents within Japan are over the age of 69.

2 years ago

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