Satis Analysis: Expect BTC to Reach $143,900 within 10 Years

Statis, the digital currency and ICO consultant agency, revealed their views on the potential growth of BTC and how they believe that it will continue to increase dramatically in the next 10 years. They made their analysis despite public opinion and the current bearish market trend.


The team has broadcasted a study showing expected numbers in the course of the next decade.

According to their report, by 2019 the BTC price will be close to $33,000, surpassing its previous high that neared $20,000 before the end of last year. In 2021, they believe the price will nearly double, reaching $72,000. This will be followed by $96,000 over 5 years, until it reaches $143,900 in 2028.

On top of that, the analysts also expect XMR Monero to surpass 38,000% from now till 2028. This will boost the price up to $39,584 from its current $103. The report also includes DASH, another digital currency, and that it will see a growth of over 1,459%, reaching a $2,927 trading price. The current value for DASH is $188.

Other Cryptocurrencies

According to the report, BCH will potentially fall from the current $558 all the way to $180 in the next decade. XRP will also decline further than its already low $0.3 to drop down to $0.004 in 10 years, provided it still exists.

Satis also says that the “Other Utility” networks have an even greater threat of dropping on the long term. For example, the report shows that ETH and EOS will drop drastically within 10 years, laying the blame on their user interface and supervision. The bottom line is that ETH and EOS are not going to see any growth in the future, compared to other cryptos like BTC and Monero, and also Decred ,which will have their prices increase due to the special value designs that will make them more viral as the years unfold.

All-in-all, Satis view the future as a great place for networks that have grown organically, like LTC. They predict notable decline for the networks that have had small spikes in short intervals such as BCH, and a very poor future for networks that don’t give much value, or that offer “misleading” benefits, like XRP for example.

2 years ago

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