Samsung Unveiled Details of the Galaxy S10 Blockchain Features

Last week, Samsung presented its flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Now the company has revealed the details. In particular, the smartphone will support the most popular cryptocurrencies and a few dapps.


According to CoinDesk, at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung announced the new flagship S10 will support the two largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization - bitcoin and ethereum.

In addition, S10 will support the tokens of the decentralized application Cosmee. This project is trying to unite the beauty industry and ordinary users who can receive rewards in Cosmee tokens for publishing reviews. S10 users will be able to store coins directly on their favorite smartphones.

Samsung also announced a collaboration with Enjin. It is developing a blockchain platform for the gaming industry. Players using Enjin, for example, can tokenize items and make money selling them.

  • Late last week, Samsung unveiled its new flagship smartphones at a traditional press conference. The company has already opened a pre-order for the S10, the cost of which ranges from $749 to $999.
1 year ago

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