Samsung to Begin Accepting Crypto-Payments

As digital currencies continue being adopted and integrated around the world, Samsung, a multinational IT giant, has announced that the company will provide cryptocurrency payments in a collaboration with CopPay, a payment service provider.

Samsung Adoption


The recent announcement on the 20th of July by Samsung stated that its products will see a cryptocurrency payment option for customers. As of now, the service is only available Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Currently, only a handful of digital currencies will be used as payment and several additions will follow at a later time.


The currencies currently available to pay for products with are Bitcoin, LTC, XRP, Ethereum, Steem, and Dash. The addition of crypto-payment is a means of providing more customers to pay for products with digital coins as well as developing further adoption by providing beneficial examples of cryptocurrency payment to other retails stores. A leading IT company with roots everywhere, Samsung is a prime candidate to present the benefits of integrating the new-age tech into their systems.


While the new service is only available in the three Baltic countries, the cryptocurrency payment will extend to many others. A while back in 2018, the company made headlines after revealing its desire to join the crypto-block markets and go head to head with Bitmain, the world’s leading BTC mining market.


CopPay is stretching its services and expanding in an attempt to draw in more buyers and retail stores. Its ultimate goal is to educate everyone as much as possible on cryptocurrencies and their benefits to continue spreading crypto-adoption. Many companies have long accepted Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as payment methods, including international retail stores and airline services. CheapAir, a travel agency only accepts digital coin payments to book tickets and check into hotels.

2 years ago

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