Samourai Wallet Facing Backlash over Lack of Online Privacy

Crypto users have gotten into the habit of protecting each other against any potential problems coming from exchange platforms or wallets. It seems they have ganged up on one particular exchange, Samourai. Similar stories of disappointment about the invasion of privacy regarding BTC wallets and users' funds have been shared on Reddit. One user, who goes by the nickname Etovia, created a post to warn users about Samourai’s wallet, and ever since other users have started sharing similar stories.  


Warnings Against Samourai

The warning from Etova urged users to practice vigilance and be careful when dealing with this wallet, explaining that it has demanded from users to have RPC access so that they can own a full node to enter the mode of trusted node back. This mode is a privacy conflict demand which is commonly done when a P2P to user node communication to the wallet occurs. Etova also mentioned that the IRC urges caution about the use of wallets that request RPC access because they introduce possible security issues to the users’ wallets.

Another user explained how his account had similarly been breached and suggested that Tor browser is recommended for wallets in order to run a full node and maintain a high level of privacy. The user, whose nickname is nullc, stated that Samourai’s wallet had been exposed before and that they are falsely advertising their privacy.

Nullc continued to say that the user’s addresses return to the network’s server and further explained how their trusted node doesn’t provide any difference, as the user’s BTC node is vulnerable to unnecessary attacks.  

Users of Reddit have also been complaining about a few other exchange platforms and wallets that have made their funds vulnerable to dangerous attacks. Hitbtc exchange had been under heated discussion between users before because of the increase in withdrawal fees. After many users labeled the exchange a scam, a lawsuit was filed by John McAfee against the platform, after his posting of a few public accusations.    

1 year ago

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