Sahara Desert to Supply 900 MW Power to Crypto Mining

Blockchain has been a threat to the energy industry as it consumes a lot of energy to mine BTC and other crypto. The whole process relies on PoW, which requires a large supply of power.


In fact, according to a report on Digiconomist, BTC mining requires over 71 TWh, which is equal to 10% of China’s yearly consumption. The high cost and huge demand for power in the mining process keep miners on the search for cheaper solutions for their energy.

Sahara Power

Soluna is looking into building a 900 MW wind farm powerhouse to support their computing operations as well as their blockchain power supply using clean and sustainable energy. Soluna stated in their press release, and they mentioned that the location of the powerhouse will be Morroco.

Soluna seems to be taking their process step-by-step. They plan to have a capacity of 36 megawatts in the next 2 years, and grow the number until they achieve a capacity of 900MW by 2023.

The overall plan is to yield vertical combinations for the whole blockchain ecosystem. The company plans on using clean, renewable energy to revolutionize the process in the future. However, the power plant that they are building in Morocco will not be included in the network. The company will start to integrate during the middle of 2019.


The Chief executive Officer of Soluna, John Belizaire, revealed this plan, adding that they are betting on the odds of crypto mining to become more than just a trend in the future. The key to is the expansion of the crypto mining field in the future, which is showing progress as of late.

As the CEO suggests, Soluna will be a leading company as they will introduce the first “service node” worldwide that supports blockchain networks and crypto mining using low-cost, clean renewable energy.

Soluna aims to support and empower future projects that are looking into adopting cryptocurrency, and provide overall support to the entire blockchain ecosystem.

2 years ago

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