Russia’s Military Adopts Blockchain as Defensive Measures Against Hackers

Launching a state of the art, one-of-a-kind research lab, Russia’s military is now focused on developing new technologies which will utilize blockchains to produce defensive counter-measures against hackers, and implement stronger cybersecurity protocols.

Kaspersky Labs, located in Russia, is one of the worlds most advanced and leading figures in cybersecurity. According to an expert, blockchain tech can be used to locate and pinpoint where a cyber attack is initiated to aid authorities and find those responsible.

Experts believe that hackers often wipe any trace of their existence after breaking into any device to avoid being exposed, although by acquiring the original data which logs in their entry, through blockchains, for example, minimal damage is expected.

While the technology behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies, in general, are mostly seen in the business world, the new-age tech itself can be put to several different uses by the military. Blockchain can save the original access logs and codes to ensure fully authorized access and proper validation of any user, as most viruses often attempt to sneak in by hiding their presence through a change in code and various other means to remain hidden.


Russia’s Ministry of Defense operates on a private network used to transfer sensitive information back, making the private network and the Ministry itself susceptible to many cyber-attacks.

ERA technology park is a research and development facility designed to continuously develop new systems which aid the military in cyber-attacks as well as defensive measures from the online world. The facility is currently being supervised by the person in charge of protecting state secrets to develop the new technology for the military.

On the Western front, the Pentagon has been researching and developing an unhackable system designed to transfer information safely and efficiently, while NATO is looking to utilize blockchain tech to develop more security for monetary data and more.

2 years ago

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