Ronaldinho, James Rodriguez Launch Own Cryptocurrencies

James Rodriguez launched his own “signature” crypto-tokens 48 hours prior to the World Cup this year. The coin, named JR10, represents his initials and number on Colombia’s national football team. While Bitcoin and sports in general already have a history, Rodriguez’ token is the latest to join the trend.


James’s token was designed with a purpose of bringing a community consisting of fans and supporters together in a tight-knit circle. With JR10 tokens, fans have a chance at a variety of otherwise unavailable VIP services including direct interaction with the football superstar.

Through his game performance, by scoring consistently and winning, Rodriguez will directly affect the price of his currency and increasing profit, including to those that have invested in JR10. The platform which powers the JR10 token is named Selfsell, a financial technology which supports the blockchain.

Rodriguez expressed excitement towards the new token, referring to the test-coins as “super cool”. As Bitcoin continues soaring in value through markets, the new-age technology is seeing much more interest from unrelated industries, such as football. As every passing day brings in more investors to the crypto-environment, iconic figures with cryptocurrencies like Rodriguez can only add to the interest surrounding the community by drawing in more attention to the technology.

Not the First

Rodriguez is far from being the first football player to introduce his own token. Earlier this year, retired Liverpool player Michael Owen introduced his cryptocurrency to the world, named the Owen Coin. Through a partnership with GCOE, Owen coins allow his supporters access to several services, including merchandise, charitable donations to several organizations and more. 

Ronaldinho, previously playing for Brazil and one of the most distinguished names in football, released his own currency, the RSC. As with other coins, Ronaldo’s currency is a payment method for a huge variety of services related to the token. Under Planet RSC, the token will allow fans access to Ronaldo’s football academy, virtual stadiums, betting platforms and much more.

The coin’s release was announced through social media during this year’s Brazil vs Belgium match, although the announcement coincidentally occurred during the same event. As part of Planet RSC, the services include a variety of different interactions through token use. Betting, training, purchases and more will be available to all users. 

2 years ago

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