Roivas, Estonia’s Former PM Welcomed as Lympo’s New Chairman

Lympo, a blockchain startup, welcomes their new chairman, Taavi Roivas, Estonia’s former PM, to their board of supervisors. Roivas held his position as PM from 2014 through to 2016 and currently holds a seat in Estonia’s parliament.  


Mission Statement for a Healthier Estonia 

The startup declared their mission to improve world health by encouraging users to participate in exercise and active behavior through their app. By completing a variety of fitness challenges on their app, the startup issues crypto based rewards called LYM tokens, exchangeable for health and sports products.  Lympo has also stated their plan to relocate their native token to NEO, a different blockchain network. 

Estonia’s Online Residency Program

Chairman Roivas, has thus far become a key supporter of crypto and blockchain adoption and development within Estonia, helping make the nation among the most digitally progressive communities globally. By the year 2015, the country had established an e-residency program in which locas could register for governmentally approved digital IDs providing access to public online services for all registered Estonians.  

With the use of secured digital IDs, residents could have instant access to important documents and services such as medical history reports or registering new businesses online, no matter where they are worldwide. 

Passion for a Healthy Future With Blockchain

Roivas stated that the startup’s mission is similar to his own. A fitness advocate, Roivas ran marathons and holds fitness and running among his greatest passions. He also noted that a company’s success starts with a strong team, vouching for Lympo’s enormous potential. 

The startup’s Chief Executive Officer, Ada Jonuse, explained that Roivas as a political and digital industry figure will play a pivotal role in helping Lympo represent the impact blockchain can have on the lifestyle and fitness industry. 

2 years ago

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