Roger Ver States That BCH is a Valid Currency

As the Chief Executive Officer of, Roger Ver is adamant about his views regarding Bitcoin Cash as the originally intended Bitcoin. As an initial investor in BTC, Ver has claimed several times that BCH is the originally intended version of BTC by Satoshi. On the 6th of August, the CEO stated that BCH could be used to purchase a cup of coffee from Starbucks using the IPayYou wallet.

The Wallet

IPayYou was released as a BTC dedicated digital wallet two years ago. Users in possession of the wallet were able to purchase gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes and more through buying these cards with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash although no direct purchases from BTC within the wallet are permitted.

This news comes directly as the center of attention following the announcement of a collaboration between ICE and Starbucks. As a result of the news, the crypto-sphere and BTC community were heavily affected and Bitcoin saw a generous rise in its price.

Confusion also ensued following the announcement as many believed Starbucks would begin accepting payments for their products through Bitcoin. Further down the line, Bitcoin will be able to be used as a payment method for coffee although it will instead be converted into USD and then paid for as opposed to directly buying with Bitcoin from a wallet.

Roger Ver’s announcement has was believed by many involved crypto-market figures as a means of getting back at BTC despite the availability of the payment option being present for several years. He was also accused of misleading information towards investors, claiming that Bitcoin is, in fact, Bitcoin Cash, leading them to pour funds into a lie.

One Twitter user, Brad Nickel, posted and argued the claims by Ver, stressing that coffee cannot be bought through the wallet but a gift card purchase is required first. Another user posted, saying that the user had been purchasing gift cards from Starbucks long before BCH was involved.

2 years ago

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