Ripple's Ex-Attorney Joins Celo’s Legal Department

Former legal head of Ripple, Brynly Llyr, has taken on new crypto payment processor startup Celo to lead their legal department.


Llyr made headlines when she exited her position as head of Ripple’s legal sector on Friday. She is due to take control of law-related strategy in Celo, announced the startup on the 10th of September. Her responsibilities will include legal policies, rules and regulations, collaborations and intellectual properties. She will also commit to a crucial role in Celo’s global expansions.

New Position

A corporate spokesman for Celo said to CoinDesk that the attorney is geared to be involved in routine, everyday operations in addition to larger, legal dealings.

The startup aims to make the process of adopting crypto much simpler for use in payment processing. To achieve that goal, Celo is due to launch their own money transfer application that aims to develop global markets in the upcoming years.

Llyr stated that there are almost 2 billion consumers that are unable to access traditional financial methods of pay and other services. She also said that Celo is a leader in blockchain tech when it pertains to digital currencies, and that she is proud to be a part of the talented community hoping to create lasting change in the industry.

Celo’s CEO Rene Reinsberg also made sure to welcome Llyr throughout her statement, saying that the attorney’s experience will be a great asset to the team.

2 years ago

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