Ripple Promises $100 Million to Social Assistance Program

Ripple, a leader in blockchain tech, officially announce a new social assistance initiative dubbed ‘Ripple for Good’, with funding reaching over $100 million. A variety of social projects have already begun under the new program.

In their announcement this week, the California-based agency said that their initiative aims to prioritize education-oriented projects to further knowledge on finance worldwise. The organization will also partner with RippleWorks, a charity that boasts 70 projects across the globe.

Ripple hopes to emphasize the importance of math, science and tech, and how these subjects are used in the real world, specifically to promote social change.

Good Cause

Ripple made a $50 million donation to almost 20 universities, including MIT and UCL, over the summer, and encouraged their integration of BC tech, and crypto and virtual payments into the curriculum.

The firm also donated funds to educational fundraising site DonorsChoose after they backed over 30,000 class projects at once with around $30 million.

Ripple also authenticated another $25 million donation to the same program this week, in line with the initiatives official launch. The company has begun examining various other projects to decide on funding.

Ripple’s social assistance leader, Ken Weber, stated that in order to cause real, tangible change around the world, banking and payment services should be available equally to everyone. He adds that the company’s goal is to deliver on their oath for Internet of Value to consumers globally.

2 years ago

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