Ripple to Partner with MoneyMatch

If you don’t know, Ripple is the background behind the third biggest coin known to crypto, and the currency seems to be fond of creating Ripples with new announcements almost every week.

Twitter boomed with their latest declaration to decentralize all purchases on RippleNet through MINI after the trading giant announced its use of Ripple technology in foreign exchange.


Money transfers are secured by MoneyNetInt through an e-wallet management; their website published usage instruction to walk future users through the procedure. MoneyNetInt allows users to send and receive money through their main account on international charges, where customers are directed to the MINI server to find the OBT page and get a reference number and reveal the depositing details then the user will be able to transfer the money. MoneyNetInt rewards your account when the money arrives.

EthereumWorldNews stated that Ripple’s creative payment solution was the reason for the move.

Adrain Yap, the Chief Executive Officer of MoneyMatch expressed his gratitude for the innovative cooperation between their Malaysian startup and Ripple in an authentic money transfer process from and to Europe and Malaysia that will further enrich the blockchain industry.  

MoneyMatch’s ambitions permeate borders and as mentioned on their website, they were responsible for the safe transaction of more than 200 million to over fifty countries.  “

According to CoinMarketCap, XRP is currently at rock bottom with a price of $0.45.

2 years ago

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