Ripple Legal Counsel Concludes Role Despite Facing Lawsuits

According to Friday reports from CoinDesk reported initially by Quartz, Brynly Llyr, a former member of the general counsel at Ripple, has decided to leave her position at the company. Appointed as the startup’s top legal officer in 2016, Llyr dedicated over two years of her professional career as part of the Ripple team. Although no official reason was confirmed for her decision to leave, a spokesperson stated that it was based on a mutual agreement between herself and the blockchain payment firm.


A Mutual Agreement For Both Parties

Before her start at Ripple, Llyr was responsible for advising fintech businesses, leading company legal teams, as well being a decision maker for major commercial mergers, deals, and acquisitions. She had done so for finance industry giant, PayPal, as well as the multinational ecommerce corporation, eBay.  

Ripple’s spokesperson also stated that the company is grateful for Llyr’s efforts towards establishing a strong team who will maintain their focus and move on to develop great projects. The startup also wishes her best and is ready to move into a new era of innovation and leadership within the growing crypto industry.        

Lawsuits Yet To Tackle              

Coinciding with her departure from the litigation department, Ripple faces several upcoming lawsuits against their native token, XRP, for security related claims. CoinDesk also reported that crypto investors sued the startup under the pretense that Ripple is responsible for the crash in XRP’s trading value throughout 2018. In their defense, Ripple has appointed legal key figures such as Mary Jo White, previously a chairperson of the SEC.

Ripple has thus far achieved several legal victories of which one court case was dismissed voluntarily with another two settled earlier this month. Ripple is preparing for an upcoming hearing that will discuss additional claims associated with existing lawsuits.    

2 years ago

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