Ripple Exec: XRP Is “Bitcoin 2.0” – It’s Like Bitcoin On Steroids

Ripple Corporation is one of the leading firms in the creation of blockchain products. The entity previously created XRP. These products are intended to solve the problems facing several monetary institutions.


The entities have been struggling with the deficiencies of the present system. One of the main challenges facing banks is the inability to execute transactions within a short time. All these hitches will be solved through the use of Ripple’s Skill.

Ripple Expected To Bring New Changes

Ripple’s users particularly monetary institutions utilize XRP as uniform standard for transmitting money. Though, this entity informed customers that the corporation’s activities and its crypto coin are separate and distinct. Cory Johnson explained that XRP operates independently without the support of the former. Mr. Johnson revealed the information during a recent conversation.

In that meeting, Johnson expressed the displeasure with outdated schemes. He wondered why entities disclose individual’s confidential information so easily. He further revealed that Ripple will soon solve these problems. The technology will allow customers to transfer money instantly, within few seconds. Therefore, it will eliminate inconveniences and delays experienced when transferring money.

Cory went ahead to market XRP as equivalent to further developed variant of BTC. The two digital currencies are similar, yet XRP is quicker. In this case, its system is versatile and it charges lower the resulting exchange fees.

It is evident in his latest tweet that, Johnson crowned XRP as BTC 2.0. It was also alleged that Bitcoin is responsible for a lot of carbon emissions during the mining process. Additionally, the crypto was accused of consuming huge amount of power.

For this situation, Cory does not for the most part view the two digital money as rivals. He views XRP as another store trade whose main challenger is SWIFT. Johnson clarifies that this stage has neglected to give quick and trustworthy cash transmission administrations.

Ripple’s Popularity Is Drastically Increasing

Ripple’s partnership with banks and the use of XRP has attracted the attention of the regulatory system. Johnson suggests that there is need to reduce laxity by the market watchdog and tighten the regulations to streamline the industry. Such a step can help to eliminate various problems facing crypto sector.

The specialists should dynamic and quick in restructuring business activities and safeguard digital money ecosystem. He referred to tricks, tax evasion, and illegal undertakings as a portion of major concerns tormenting this business.

Nevertheless, Cory noticed Ripple's vital association with monetary establishments created new measures to enhance observance of set rules. These protocols will assist to eliminate cases of illegal transactions in the sector. In future, the market watchdog should ensure that all market players follow the law.

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