Ripple in 2018: Important Things to Know

Presently, Ripple is an incredibly cheap coin for investors. XRP is worth $0.44 on the market as its trading value. Ripples return of investment rate exceeds Bitcoin’s by 300 percent, although this only applies once the coin peaks at $3.30 on the market.

Ripples total market cap at around $27B, placing it in third place among the world’s most valuable digital coins and aims at replacing SWIFT, another payment provider from 1973, as the modern-day PPS. Before investing in Ripple, a few key notes should be highlighted and researched.

Global Industrial Acceptance 

MoneyGram, a leading payment company in the global industry is introducing Ripple tokens into their transaction services. Ripple has also confirmed its collaborations with several other payment system companies including LianLian in China and Santander. Ripple is displaying a promising future within the financial industry as more than a hundred participants, including banking institutes, will profit from the company’s blockchain related services.

According to officials and the company, the new developments can become today’s bank payment manager, taking SWIFT’s spot as the leading operator in the bank industry.

Much Faster 

Ripple can process more than one thousand transactions a second, providing it with a massive advantage in terms of accelerated transactions, unlike Bitcoin Cash which processes only 60. VISA, the leading in terms of speed at a whopping 25000 transactions, surpasses Ripple although Ripple is meant to process bank transactions rapidly.


Although XRP may step in the way of banking and financial companies, this doesn’t restrict the cryptocurrency to just these industries. Ripple is proving to become a successful asset for several industries including mega-corps like Amazon due to the efficiency of the coin and even Starbucks as a new method of paying for coffee.

At this rate, the coin is expected to break new price records and continue rising as more institutes are integrating it into their systems and utilizing its services. Given its current state, investors may possibly see a huge long-term gain through XRP.

2 years ago

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