Rialto-Bittrex Merger Launches Securities Trading Platform

US-based ATS and broker/dealer, Rialto Trading, released a statement today announcing a team-up with Bittrex to develop a trading platform for digital securities. Bittrex specializes in blockchain tech assets and crypto trading also based in the US.

Rialto currently offers the trading of products with fixed income and plans to expand their current ATS operation to provide blockchain securities once approved by regulators. Together, this partnership is undergoing discussions with official regulators in order to kickstart their launch.

Rialto Bittrex Collaboration Underway

Rialto’s Chief Executive Officer, Shari Noonan, expressed their excitement towards extending the company’s knowledge towards developing trading platforms and other solutions within the securities sector with Bittrex. Together, opportunities to broaden offerings of both digital securities as well as advanced worldwide trading networks are underway.

Once expanded, the new platform aims to merge Rialto’s ATS broker/dealer licenses, knowledge, and specialized tools with that of Bittrex’s blockchain tech expertise, online security, and crypto trading to create a fully developed securities offering. Supporting USD trading as well as providing services to the broader securities industry, the partnership plans to expand services to include issuance advisory, trading, custody, and placement.

The Right Tools to Progress

The Chief Executive Officer of Bittrex, Bill Shihara, also announced that this project will require both financial and tech expertise in order to develop and successfully launch a secure, trusted, and efficient platform for the trade of digital securities. He expressed that an ideal collaboration with Noonan and the Rialto company is just what they needed. By combining Bittrex security, advanced technology, and blockchain development with that of Rialto’s securities background and extensive financial services their project is set to promote and advance the overall adoption of blockchain technology. Noonan also uniquely has experience with major financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank and Goldman, further strengthening the partnership's future progression and mainstream integration.

2 years ago

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