Reports Reveal Digital Currency Trading Volume Hits 11-Week High

As of recently, cryptocurrency markets are making a small comeback and climbing back to $300B. After a correction resulted in $15B unloading from the markets, the situation has reversed slightly and continues climbing as most of the cryptocurrencies have been gaining in the green zone as of the 28th of July.


Robust Ongoing

As of now, the daily trading volume has climbed over $26B, the highest for 11 weeks so far. Bitcoin has made a small comeback of 3.3 percent, valued at around $8200. As per the previous correction, it seems to have lasted briefly and additional value is highly likely to occur. ETH has seen gains of its, recovering around 1.4 percent and valued at $470 on the market.

Currently, all alternative coins are performing within the green zone and Stellar is experiencing the highest and strongest performance from the top ten, gaining a whopping five percent and valued $0.32 on the market. Stellar tokens, the XLM has bounced 16.7 percent from its previous price as a result of new collaborations and positive. Not including Bitcoin, every other alternative coin is climbing between one to three percent currently.

In regards to the top 20 coins, each cryptocurrency is making minor gains. Binance, on the other hand, has seen a heavy climb of 7.5 percent. As of now, it’s cryptocurrency, the BNB is valued at almost $15 in trading value and climbed more than 20 percent since its previous price of $12. Of the top 30 coins, BTG and 0x have jumped pleasantly, climbing 8 percent each. Pivx and Komodo are the only cryptocurrencies within the top 100 to see gains in double-digits, with the former gaining around 25 percent and the latter with around 11 percent on the day.

As for Pivx, it’s new climb is a result of reports that a lead developer successfully minted the first Zerocoin onto a digital wallet, a feat unachieved before. Unlike the climbing or positively performing coins, ChainLink and Dentacoin are still in the red zone, performing poorly compared to the rest.

The total digital market cap bounced almost 3 percent in total over the last 24 hours and settled at just under $300B. As a result of $11B flooding the market on the 27th of July, the gains were achieved in the total market cap. As of now, trading traffic seems to be on a continued surge as the crypto market continued recovering and has soared from $14.5B to more than $26B on the day.

2 years ago

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