Report: Need for Blockchain Engineers Increases 400% From 2017

On the 21st of October, it was reported that the of Salaries Report 2018 issued by Hired saw the income of engineers specializing in blockchain has increased significantly to average between $150,000 and 175,000. This is considerably higher than typical salaries of an average software engineer, which figures at around $130,000.


While the need for recruiting BC engineers surges, these figures are not only within the same income range as employees in Artificial Intelligence, but also remarkably superior to those of other skilled tech engineers. This number grew at a rate of 400% since the end of last year in a considerable unprecedented surge.


Mehul Patel, Chief Executive Officer at Hired, commented to crypto news sources that the incomes of blockchain engineers are increasing dramatically as the need for them is soaring because there is a shortage in software engineers in general and it is more severe in regards to blockchain. Hired, being a supplier of data for BC roles starting in 2017, stated that since then, and regardless of the crypto bear market, the need for BC roles has escalated by 400%.

Mr. Patel said that the hiring strategy for a BC position comes with a long-term plan. CNBC was told by Hired that, in job postings, blockchain is considered a preferred skill and is added to jobs like systems engineer. A number of BC engineers have also stated that other skills that are sought after include design, networking, and more, including a fluency in computer languages like Python, Go, Java, et cetera.

This boost is seemingly motivated by tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Snapchat, or IBM taking a genuine interest in this new area. They all are now seeking specialists.

Hired created The State of Salaries Report 2018 by including people working in tech sectors in 13 global cities. The report was based on more than 420,000 interviews and an elective survey that included data on age and race. The tool Hired used to compare salaries shows that the places with the most need for BC roles are London, California, and New York.

Robert Walters, a recruitment firm, issued an analysis in August. The analysis showed that although applications which are specific to cryptocurrency may fluctuate in unstable markets, the blockchain demand in Asia has witnessed an upsurge. All in all, the global crypto sector is continuing to see increases in open positions for various skills and fields.

2 years ago

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