Rent24 Prepared For EOS Global Blockchain Community Launch

Rent24, a co-working solutions company has recently announced their plans to use the EOS blockchain as a base of operations for its new and game-changing international blockchain community.


The company plans on releasing its global community through EOS as a means of allowing any user to apply and offer themselves for certain and varied assignments. Upon completion, the user is paid in digital coins. The new network is also designed to build a connected database of knowledge and expertise as well as ICO funding.

As rent24 states, its new platform operating on AI-technology will assess and accordingly compare a user’s skills and expertise to certain assignments, recommend suitable ones and conduct the reward system. Coins can be used for all services and products on the company’s platform, including hotels, car rental services, and others. A ranking system will also be implemented, allowing dedicated users to promote their project’s on rent24’s framework for funding.

Robert Bukvic, the company’s founder, and head executive stated that every user will be treated equally and provided with the same chances to operate on the platform. This extends globally and rewards between users will distribute and chosen by the community. The company’s new development is a massive step in initiating an international community by integrating itself into a decentralized framework.


The company will begin their token sale in August, offering PRIMARY tokens for buyers and aims to collect $500M in funds and will contribute to its global expansion mission.

As an international company specializing in co-working environments and services, rent 24 is adamant about the potential and success of their new project.

2 years ago

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