Red Bull Joins Global Brands To Reward Users With Crypto Tokens

Red Bull and Swarovski are now rewarding people with Kin tokens for clearing given tasks. The two are the latest global brands to engage in token rewards.

On Monday, Kin released a press statement revealing that it had reached an agreement with the polling chatbot, Swelly. Since its inception two years ago, Swelly is attracting about eight million users who have responded to 200 million queries.

Red Bull is using Swelly to inquire about ways of improving the brand. Tokens are then issued as a reward.

The statement added that the firm had also reached a deal with True[X], an advertising company under the 21st Century Fox-owned. True[X] will be using an app identified as Kinit. Here users will be rewarded with tokens for viewing interactive ads.

Brave Browser is yet another brand that has gone the token way. It is not clear if Brave has secretly reached a deal with Kin.  Brave might be joined by Tatatu which offers entertainment content. Under Tatatu, users will get tokens if they upload content.

Streaming service provider Netflix, however, still doubts the model despite chances of competing for free being ruled out.

On the hand, Presearch plans to reward users for searching. It is not clear if this initiative will negatively affect Google search or not. However, Presearch will not march Google in terms of collecting website data.

Brave is believed to be focused on Adwords while Kin has plans to open Facebook. It still remains to be seen whether the new entrants in the market will affect established brands.

2 years ago

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