Ransomware Infects its Way into Golf Association

On the 7th of August, demands of Bitcoin payments to a certain digital wallet were made by a ransomware that managed to make its way into the United States PGA. As the messages sent by the malicious software stated, the network has been broken into and every file locked behind robust encryption. The common warning of any attempts at breaking through the encryption would result in a full system loss was also displayed.

A Heavy Blow

In light of this incident, the PGA suffered a severe blow due to the fact that the ransomware had encrypted the data required for the association to promote its Ryder Cup introduction. Reports stated that no plans of paying over BTC have been made by the PGA as per a source choosing to remain unidentified. Additionally, the locked files have not been recovered by the company’s IT team.

Looking at the past, it doesn’t seem promising in any way that the PGA will be able to acquire the needed files to make it into to the cup scheduled for the end of September. Atlanta, following an attack with a similar method, had also failed at recovering any of its lost data a couple of months ago.

What proves to be the biggest challenge is that ransomware and malware are not everyday viruses which commonly operate by installs a few files into a computer and causes chaos until every associated file is deleted and removed. In regards to the PGA, certain files not under the infection software are so incredibly encrypted that only nonsense is displayed when attempting to open them.

In terms of handling a malicious attack involving ransomware, each file must be decrypted which often takes a while and severely hinders any progress.

2 years ago

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