Queensland to Become Australia’s Crypto-Friendliest State

Australia has constantly been working on innovative, advancing and developmental initiatives in regards to cryptocurrencies for a very long time. Its latest venture is now aiming at making Queensland, one of most well-known states in the country, into the most crypto-tech friendly in all of Australia.


The country’s new plan brings along TravelbyBit, a new digital payment platform designed for all customers to pay for tourism activities and services with BTC, LTC, Dash, and others. This initiative comes as a result of the country attempting to draw in more tourism as any tourist will be able to pay for products and services using the supported cryptos.

Earlier in 2018, TravelbyBit had collaborated with Brisbane Airport to equip several stores and restaurants within the airport’s terminal to accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods. According to reports, Queensland’s government had poured more than $75K into TravelbyBit as a means of boosting its expansion to more vendors and sellers within the state. This includes Bundaberg, a tourism-fueled city known for its international visitor and alcohol distilleries.

As part of an initiative supported by the government and called Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas, it aims at enhancing and backing startups to draw in more tourism. The tourism agency seems to have gathered all the necessary supporters of high-ranking officials, including Kate Jones, Minister of commonwealth games and tourism and has stated that the tourism agency has opened several paths to simplify crypto-payment within the state by any tourist visiting and for domestic stores and businesses to begin accepting these payments.

Caleb Yeoh, the chief executive officer of TravelbyBit also shared his thoughts on everything, stating that through the next tech-phase, the company has turned its eyes on a different tourist category, those looking to book, travel and pay through cryptocurrencies and are now allowed to use Bitcoin, LTC, ETH and other currencies in the state as they visit, with a potential Binance coin introduction as well.

Yeoh adds that over 150 stores throughout the country have already begun using TravelbyBit's system and apart from introducing crypto-pay and expanding globally as a main mission, the company will also be able to list jobs across the entire tourism industry.

2 years ago

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