Pundi X Launches POS Device for Retail Crypto-Payment Acceptance

Customers throughout Asia will now be able to pay for products and services with cryptocurrencies after Pundi X finishes the launch of its POS device throughout Indonesia as reports have stated. Bitcoin, ADI, and other cryptocurrencies will be available to pay with.



As per the reports state, Pundi X will launch it’s the POS device over the next few years throughout Asia and the Philippines and further develop the crypto-environment by attracting new business and customers. Additionally, the new project will cut down on financial thresholds and make any digital transaction incredibly easy through the new device.

Transactions will eventually come cash-free once customers are able to place their digital assets within a physical card that also acts as a wallet for storage. Many services will be provided through these cards, including utility bills, recharging phones with minutes and acquire any goods as per the implemented rules for each market. An event by the company in Manila displayed the new tech.

The company’s chief executive officer, Zac Cheah, stated that East Asia most likely displays the largest acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world although payment services for crypto remain low in number and the company aims at changing that to provide every available method possible.

Additionally, he stated that the company’s partnership with Fama Group, a restaurant chain, will be one of the various partnerships established later as the company continues expanding its services throughout Asia to motive the acceptance and utilization of digital assets in retail.

Earlier this week, Pundi X revealed that BNB, the native cryptocurrency of Binance will provide an international means of purchase by customers with the coin. The new device currently supports 12 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XLM and the NPSX, the company’s own currency.

2 years ago

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