Pundi X and BitCapital Promote Crypto in Brazil, Colombia

The expansion of cryptocurrency has reached Brazil and Colombia. Soon, the two South American countries will have consumers paying for their everyday products in crypto.

BitCapital announced the introduction of a new device that offers crypto payments for consumers. The device is made by Pundi X, who already provide payment methods for shops and retailers in Brazil.

Future Outlook

Being among the formidable OTC suppliers in Brazil, BitCapital announces that the news is only a small step forward into making fiat-crypto trading easier and more common in Brazil.

The Chief Executive Officer of Pundi X, Zac Cheah, told consumers that he will provide a total of 1000 XPOS devices for various retailers. He adds that the demand is very high, which gave him a great push as he believes cryptocurrency trading will be a standard in the market.

He also promises that after this small step, he is planning to sell his products to banks, further expanding the new payment methods. He then goes on to add that he’s proud to be working with Pundi X as they are the only ones who offer easy-to-understand solutions for cryptocurrency in Brazil.

A week before the announcement, Pundi X started a partnership with Manticora Capital, who will also deliver 1000 XPOS devices over in the next 6 months.

The Chief Executive of Manticora Capital, Ivan Correa, stated that the XPOS is the ideal way to address the market’s excitement when it comes to crypto payments. He explains further saying that the banking system in Brazil is on stake at the moment, which makes XPOS the best bet for people who want to easily, and swiftly convert their money to cryptocurrency.

The project is corresponding with the growing number of people interested in cryptocurrency, especially around South America. At the moment, LATAM markets will probably be among the first to adopt digital currency, especially with the doubt around local fiat money, and the cost of international payments.

The company’s ICO has raised over $35 million, making Pundi X token rank 44 among all other digital currencies in terms of market cap.

2 years ago

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