PumaPay, Airsoft Partner to Allow Merchants to Accept Crypto

Through their new partnership, Airsoft aims to integrate PumaPay’s crypto billing method as well as their PMA coin as a payment option offered to customers.


Their joint venture also gears up to bring a heightened sense of transparency and a type of ‘fair-play’ framework to crypto-related trading software in order to abide by rules and regulations.


The digital currency startup stated that its business will now overcome BC payment limits and provide various payment mechanisms in online transactions and to payment providers. The corporation boasts the inclusion of over 60 brands throughout a plethora of industries, such as video streaming, finance, web development, and other tech.

AirSoft is classified as a comprehensive fintech developer with branches in Cyprus and China. They offer their customers forex and CFD trading capabilities, particularly online. The company has also constructed strategic relationships alongside several big-name crypto exchanges which lets clients have access to various crypto pairs.

2 years ago

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