Protestors Use Digital Money To Safeguard Rap From Autocracy And State Suppression

Several protesters in Thailand are utilizing cryptocurrency to assist in preventing the government from coercing its citizens.


A contentious recording spread within the jurisdiction of Thailand like a wild California forest fire. This film criticizes the government of Thailand and the military establishment over numerous civic matters. It has attracted around 28 million opinions on YouTube which indicates that it lured quite a following throughout the nation.The video was released towards the end of last month.

Rap Used To Condemn Acts Of Cruelty

The rap has condemned authorities by attacking them for causing a host of problems across the nation. Some of those mentioned include high levels of corruption among state officials from top to bottom, misuse of authority by the military and expurgation among other issues.

The critics were of the opinion that such actions were likely to limit people’s freedom of speech and expression. Furthermore, matters like corruption have the capability of ruining the economy of the nation.

The film had attracted the attention of thousands of individuals before it was expunged. The overwhelming number of likes to dislikes on the video prior to its removal (about 1 million vs. 25 thousand) indicates that a majority of observers support the ideas contained in it.

Government Reacts By Preventing The Spread Of Information

Surprised by this film’s ability to influence individuals to rise up against state’s anti-dissent rules, the Thai government has replied with several approaches meant to silence individuals. The main objective was to avert information from spreading to several individuals.

Srivara Ransibrahmanakul, a deputy police chief, suggested that this video was illegal and should not be tolerated.. In addition, the musicians who created the film landed themselves in trouble when they were questioned by the NCPO about its content.

One member of the community used creativity to ensure that the movie remains popular among citizens. An unidentified person has placed the audiovisual content on the Zcurrency blockchain through use of IPFS connection. It’s entrenched in a trade on the blockchain.

Zcoin is a secretive currency that is an initial execution of Zerocoin Procedure. However, people should not confuse it with the Zerocash procedure. The film contains a permanent duplicate in IPFS linkage on Zcurrency.

Poramin Insom, the founder of Zcoin, revealed that they were not aware as to who included IPFS connection to their trade. The block was safeguarded by blockchain and may not be veiled or expropriated.

Moreover, using Zerocoin's procedure ensures the connection is confidential and the names of the uploading parties remain in anonymity.

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