A Presidential Contestant in Brazil, Fernando Haddad Records his Manifesto on Blockchain

One of the presidential candidates in Brazil, Fernando Haddad has declared the policies of his regime if elected relating to blockchain. This step arose once his opponent Jair Bolsanaro reported his very own strategies for the blockchain business seven days ago. The two contestants will confront each other in the last phase of the presidential election towards the end of 2018.


Haddad, belongs to the Worker’s Party. He has guaranteed that blockchain documentation was the main way to battle and disassociate himself from all sorts of fake updates being publicized about his stance. Hence, his campaign team formed an association with a Brazil organization known as OriginalMy earlier this week and along these lines their demand was in this way placed on Decred's blockchain.

This development came to fruition after fears of false information relating to government officials is on the rise in the nation as an ongoing study by BTG Pactual revealed. The study announced that 48% of the citizens depend on WhatsApp for politics and about 88% received false updates via the messaging service. The study involved around 2,000 participants in the nation.

Haddad trusts that his opponent, Jair Bolsanaro is utilizing counterfeit news to boost his campaign and gain an unfair lead in the polls. In this way, he becomes the first candidate in history to align his policies, arrangements and proclamations toward blockchain.

Fake news is presently being battled far and wide with the assistance of blockchain  as a result of the blockchain's morally sound feature. Blockchain innovation is becoming progressively more popular in Brazil with numerous officials having recorded in their manifestos to fully embrace blockchain throughout the nation. Previous contestants, Marina Silva and Joao Amoeda had likewise declared their policies for the utilization of blockchain to list assistance and formation of a computerized administration separately prior to the 1st phase of voting.

2 years ago

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