The Petro is likely non-existent, neither does the Oil fields fund it

Several days after the Head of state of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro reported the making of Petro, a nation-upheld digital money that will lower the high inflation rate in the country, however it appears that cryotpcoin is just real in the newspapers and TV.  

A recent exclusive statement from a London based news agency exposed the circumstances in the fields rich in oil near the township of Atapirire, which is the region with huge amounts of crude pertoleum is probably funding the creation of the cryptocoin. 

"5,000 million containers of unrefined petroleum"

When starting this year the head of Venezuela declared the resolution to develop the Petro, the inadequately populated locale near Atapirire was publicized as a fluid gold-mine, holding oil of more than 5300 million cylinders, referring to information from a 

"free universal accreditation office". 

As the administration struggle to discover an exit from a monetary crisis just similar in seriousness to Weimar Germany and currently in Zimbabwe, these oil-rich fields in a place specifically known as Ayacucho were reported as the funding for the cryptocoin, utilizing the cost of Venezuela's raw petroleum (generally $67 per container) as the controller. 

In regards to the administration, the finances from financial specialists everywhere throughout the globe will stream into the region, generating new occupations and reviving Venezuela's weakening oil exports that lacks consistent funding and modern equipment. 

A tour to the region by the news agency uncovered an altogether different scenario, as inhabitants of Atapirire have clearly observed that neither the Petro nor the announced project by the administration has taken place. Truth be told, no one inside or outside Venezuela appeared to have at any point has seen the Petro.

Where is the Petro? 

As indicated by the statement, no businesses in the country are right now known to operate with the Petro, and the main investors that can say to have invested with the Petro are found on unknown publications. A few of these publications claim some investors have been swindled, while different publications say exact what the Venezuela administration says, professing to issued Petro tokens and condemning American’s permits and negative publicity. 

The authorities also contradict as the head of the nation guarantees from his perspective, the Initial Coin Offering collected $5000 million and the cryptocoin is now live and working, while a top official, Hugbel Roa, overseeing with the Petro venture says that the innovation supporting the digital currency is yet to be produced and that no one really has gotten hold of the Petro coins. 

Addition to the feeling of the disarray is the vagueness about which the office is or where the offices superintending the Cryptocoin are located. It clearly has not affirmed the physical location, nor is its site active and its leader Joselit Ramirez does not react to posts on his Facebook or twitter. 

Where and when was the Initial Coin Offering held? 

Prior in 2018, the head of the nation guaranteed that the unspecified characteristic of the cryptographic currency will enable financial specialist to dodge a prohibition on the United States of America purchasing or utilizing the Petro established by America’s head of state in Spring. 

He keeps on strengthening his decision, asserting that the Initial Coin Offering acquired more than $5000 million – a sum that made it the most fruitful token sale ever held. Specialists question this, stating documents connected to token sale don't comprise adequate data to decide what amount was acquired or whether a token sale really occurred by any means. 

Tom Robinson, the person in charge of information and founding member of Elliptic established in UK is cited in the news agency statement:  

"This positively does not resemble a usual token sale, considering the minimum exchange activities. We have discovered no proof that anybody has been allotted the coins, nor is it effectively exchanged on known platforms."  

Unsurprisingly, the authorities at Venezuela have not given any initial sale documentation to authenticate the leader's statements. Another case scenario is that of the NEM initial coin sale in Spring supposedly by the Venezuela authorities which acquired nearly $0.85 billion from the sale of 82,400,000 coins, although the nonattendance of the financial specialists makes this difficult to authenticate. 

With the single special case of Coinsecure from India, no real digital currency exchanging platform on the world has listed the Petro. Rather, it is a bunch of less popular exchanging platforms spotted in the Asian countries and in the South-American nations, some without any websites are displayed as the overseers of the allegedly flourishing Petro exchange.

Petro empty talks 

Several individuals in and outside the country, observe this Petro project as an indication that the country's administration is basically unskilled or effectively dishonest regarding the matter of the Petro. 

Addressing the news agency, A Venezuelan digital money advisor and researcher, A. Machado blames the administration for creating excessive hopes and plans that will never come to pass. 

He states:  

"There is no means to connect costs or trades to a cryptocoin that does not exchange, accurately in light of the fact that there isn’t a real technique to comprehend what it really offers."  

Being there is no present framework or signs of the venture in Atapirire is likewise an indication that the administration great digital money project is empty talk. 

In the expressions of F. Monaldi, a lecturer in vitality strategy at a College in Venezuela:  

"There is no speculation project for this region and no motivation to consider it will be created prior to different regions with more improved environs." 

In Atapirire, there are no indications of the cryptocoin or the unrefined petroleum being extracted. Basing on the billions of cylinders of unrefined petroleum that allegedly is the support of the Venezuelan Petro future, no one appears to understand what precisely is this cryptocoin or the day it will be accessible.

2 years ago

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