Petition Launched To Free Ross Ulbricht As He Marks Five Years in Prison

President Trump has been urged to consider clemency.

Online Campaign To Free Ulbricht Launched

Ross Ulbricht on Monday marked exactly five years behind bars. He is the alleged proprietor of Silk Road. He was imprisoned back in 2013 and the jury did not provide any possibility of parole. He was imprisoned for his role in managing the Silk Road project, an online marketplace. A lobby group is now raising awareness about Ulbricht’s imprisonment. online platform is hoping that Ulbricht will one day be released.

Ulbricht’s family also addressed the media regarding the imprisonment anniversary. The family said it was behind the project to have Ulbricht released. The family stated that they will publish more unknown details about the case. They will be releasing six episodes per week. According to Ulbricht kin, the case was outrageous.

Silk Road was established as an underground marketplace linking buyers and sellers. The environment was deemed non-judgmental.  Through the platform, a number of goods and services were offered often running into trouble with the law. For clients to purchase offers on the marketplace, both parties had to deploy bitcoin core. At this stage, we had initial decentralized crypto.

Ross Becomes A Target In Prison

The family acknowledged that five years in prison might harden some people, but not for Ulbricht’s case. They said he has remained optimistic about the future. They added that he has a great relationship with staff and guards at the facility. The family further revealed that Ross recently turned down an offer to assault a fellow inmate. They said Ross loves peace.

Due to this, Ross is said to have been a target in prison. The authorities had to put him under solitary protective. They questioned why the judge ruled that Ross was a dangerous individual yet he was unwilling to hurt a fellow human being.

The family’s claims have been supported by another man who shared a cell with Ross. The ex-cellmate stated that Ross remained peaceful throughout his time in prison. Ross is said to have been spreading the positive energy among fellow prisoners in additions to upholding morals.

Initial episodes under the series explain why revealing unknown details to the public is important. The episode will be published on YouTube and it will detail the operation of Silk Road.

After his imprisonment, Ross appealed the case to the Supreme Court level. All his appeals were turned down. Maryland authorities are considering adding murder for hire charges.

His family and fans are now calling on President Donald Trump to consider clemency in the case. They have launched an online petition with the aim of achieving their goal.

2 years ago

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